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We are a young and active team. We are committed to giving visibility to health problems that affect men and their environment, such as testicular or prostate cancer.

Many of the risks that affect male health could be prevented or treated with an early diagnosis, but according to various studies, men are more likely to delay regular check-ups and medical care.

Our essence leads us to encourage and promote social awareness about all aspects related to male health and its environment, giving it the visibility it deserves. That is why we give up a part of our benefits for men’s health.

We started this path by betting on offering quality products, designed and designed in Europe to ensure responsible production.


Although the same number of cases of breast cancer as of prostate are detected every year, we identify a gap in awareness about male health. With the aim of turning this problem around, Proud to be Man was born.

Our goal is to give visibility to the problems that affect male health, since we believe that the disease itself affects not only the person who suffers it, but also his entire environment. It affects us all equally.


We want to attract attention and create a union feeling with a group that currently has little visibility, and continue to collaborate and support entities, events and research to promote access to research and resources.

We also want to become a point of access to information related to men’s health for everyone.


Our values rule the way we act and are the basis of the identity of our brand. The basic principles of Proud to be Man are altruism, proximity, honesty and loyalty.